Another Feng Shui Expert Claims 2021 as “Comeback Year” & “Healing Year”

2021 (Year of the Metal Ox) Will be “Comeback Year” & “Healing Year”, According to Another Feng Shui Expert

Another Feng Shui expert named Johnson Chua is claiming that 2021 will be our “comeback year” and “healing year.”

Johnson Chua, a Feng Shui expert said that the Year of the Metal Ox would a year that will lead us to stability. He is claiming that it may become our comeback year although the coronavirus pandemic continue to affect millions of people worldwide.

“2021 is also a stability year meaning it is also helping all of us stabilize emotions natin, ma-control natin and mabilis ma-adapt ang new norm,” Chua said.

Feng Shui Expert

Chua also claims that this year would teach us that luck depends on each people’s effort and would strengthen our determination in life. He also give some hints regarding the luckiest Zodiac signs this year.

The field expert claims that the top three best Zodiac signs for the Year of the Metal Ox would be the Rooster, Monkey, and the Tiger. However, he warned the people under the signs of Sheep, Snake, and Dragon to be more careful this year.

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The adviser sees too much water this year, which indicates water-related disasters such as flood and typhoon. He also warned the public regarding earthquakes and soil erosion especially during the second quarter of 2021.

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Feng Shui Expert

The lucky elements this 2021 would be fire, wood and earth. The colors related with those elements including green, red and yellow are believed to bring luck, according to Chua.

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