Lucky Plants That Can Allegedly Bring Good Fortune in 2021

Lucky Plants For Year 2021 To Attract Luck & Good Fortune

Here are some of the lucky plants that can allegedly bring good fortune, luck, prosperity, and wealth for the incoming year 2021.

A Feng Shui expert has revealed some lucky plants that can bring good fortune, peace, luck, love, and freshness in 2021. Aside from positive energy, plants has positive impact to the body’s overall health.

Feng shui expert Yu-Chua said that plants has natural energy and could give good energy for our emotions, which brighten up our days. It also provides fresh air and oxygen to a household.

lucky plants

“Nagdadala rin siya ng good energy for our emotions and brighten up our days, for example, medyo malungkot tayo medyo stressful tayo sa mga trabaho natin, plants will help us to reenergize ‘yung energy natin para maging masaya tayo and mas maging [masuwerte],” Chua said.

Chua recommends some lucky plants for the incoming year:

  • Basil Plant – Health care and protection
  • Peace Lily – Enhances peace
  • Snake Plant – Protection and eliminates negativity
  • Money or Bamboo Plant – It grows numerous branches, which symbolizes money and opportunities
  • Palms and Jade – It gives luck and symbolizes success in business
  • Rubber Plants – Long-term relationships

These plants can help to energize or boost up our overall health especially during this coronavirus pandemic. Plantitos and plantitas were advised to place the money plant at the southeast portion of the house.

Lucky Plants

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