Pinoy Charged w/ $3,500 Fine Due to Violation of Quarantine Protocols in Taiwan

Pinoy Who Violated Quarantine Protocols in Taiwan Charged w/ $3,500 Fine

A Pinoy in Taiwan has been charged with $3,500 fine over 8-second violation of quarantine protocols in his hotel in Kaohsiung City.

A Filipino national tried to get out of his hotel room in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan for a couple of second but he was fined with $3,500 for violating the quarantine protocols in the area. his act has been caught on CCTV.

The CCTV camera recorded the Pinoy’s action in the hotel wherein he spent around eight seconds outside the hotel room, which serves a quarantine facility. One of the hotel employees immediately report the incident to Taiwan’s Department of Health.

Quarantine Protocols

According to Taiwan’s rules and regulations, people who were under quarantine period are prohibited to get out of the room until further notice. The country is implementing stricter health protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.

Taiwan is one of the regions who were able to control the case of COVID-19 through their immediate action and effective measures to prevent virus transmission.

The spread of COVID-19 cases in Taiwan are very slow compared to other countries due to the stricter policy for those who were entering the nation.

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