Angelika dela Cruz Pens Message For Sister Mika dela Cruz On Her Birthday

Angelika dela Cruz wrote a message for her sister Mika dela Cruz on her birthday.

Angelika dela Cruz had recently took to social media as she wrote a sweet message for her sister Mika dela Cruz on her birthday.

This, as she posted photos on her Instagram in order for her to greet her sister on her birthday.

Angelika message Mika birthday
Photo: Angelika dela Cruz / Instagram

In an Instagram post, Angelika said that she loved her sister because Mika’s all the things she wasn’t, adding that her sister brought out the things she’s that her sister wasn’t.

“I bring out the best in her, and she brings out the best in me. It is one of the few, lifelong relationships that completes who I am,” Angelika said.

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In a separate post, Angelika expressed her love for her sister, saying that she’ll always be present for Mika no matter what happens.

“Happy Happy Birthday @mikadlacruz I’m always here for you. I love you,” Angelika told Mika in her Instagram post.

It was last July when they paid tribute to their late father who died due to a serious health condition.

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