Crazy Lady Scolds Crews at Convenience Store & Claims She Owns It

Crazy Lady Claims She Owns Convenience Store & Scolds Store Employees

The video footage of a crazy lady scolding the crews of a popular convenience store and claiming that she owns it elicits comments online.

The Facebook page News Viral has posted the video footage of a crazy lady not wearing a face mask and face shield is yelling at the employees of a convenience store. The incident goes viral and earned criticisms from the social media users.

The woman seems to get something from the store without paying for it but the 7-Eleven store employees confronted her. The lady started to yell and had an exchange of heated arguments with the workers.

Crazy Lady

Some employees and the security guard intervened trying to calm her. The crews even tried to explain the situation but the arrogant lady seems to be unstoppable and continue to rant inside the store.

The female customer told the crews to stop treating her badly because she allegedly owns the store and threaten to dismiss one of the crews from its job. The woman also scattered the products across the establishment.

Crazy Lady

The netizens lambasted the woman for her attitude:

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