Manny Pacquiao Reveals How Son Michael Pacquiao Reacted To Bashers

Manny Pacquiao mentioned this about his son Michael Pacquiao

Senator Manny Pacquiao revealed how his son recording artist Michael Pacquiao reacted to the bashers against him.

Michael is now treading the path in his music career. When he released his singer Hate, this received admiration from many music fans. Aside from the fact that he wrote the lyrics, many people also commended his rapping skills.

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📷: Manila Bulletin

However, it is inevitable that everyone would not like his music. The son of Pacman also received bashing. Based on the article from Abante Entertainment, Manny Pacquiao shared what was the reaction of his son to the negative comments against him.

‘Yung anak ko kasi, especially si Michael, siyempre, hindi lahat ng nasa social media magsu-support sa’yo, pupuri sa’yo, may mga basher din. Minsan di niya ma-hadle, minsan parang nalulungkot siya, umiiyak,” the Senator shared.

With this, Manny said that he made his son understand that this really happened as one can’t please everybody. He also told Michael that he also experienced the same thing.

However, the boxing champ stressed that he did not get angry with his bashers but he made them his inspiration to show that he is not the kind of person as what their negative comments are telling.

Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao said that he always wants to teach his children humility. That is why he and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao let their children experience the life of people who are not rich like them.

The Pacquiao siblings were taught to do household chores and to mingle with people who are not well-off. Manny said that he wants his children to have compassion to other people, especially to those who are in need.

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