Cagayan Town Mayor Cristina Antonio Slams Rappler

Mayor Cristina Antonio of Alcala, Cagayan: ‘Please be responsible in reporting’

Mayor Cristina Antonio of Alcala, Cagayan called the attention of online news website, Rappler for allegedly “irresponsible” coverage.

Cagayan Town Mayor Cristina Antonio Slams Rappler
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“Please be responsible in reporting. Do not add to the fear and hysteria. And you are doing the good and brave men and women rescuers of Alcala a great disservice. They have been working nonstop, round the clock, for the past four days. They do not deserve this. Be responsible,” she stressed.

The Cagayan town mayor also defended the rescuers who had to stop the operation at night because of the imminent danger.

“They would not be able to see anything, the water is still rising, water current is strong and unpredictable, tree trunks and other debris are swirling in the water, there are electric power lines along the way that may cause accidents. How could rescuers rescue if they themselves become victims? Worse, rescuers and the evacuees they try to rescue may perish under these perilous circumstances at night,” the mayor said.

In the said post she also cited Rappler which seems to be showing that the provincial government is late in conducting its operations.

“It was the FOURTH DAY our rescuers have been going out to bring our evacuees to safety. Please do not make it appear in the caption that it is only now that rescue efforts are being launched,” Antonio said.

Cagayan Valley is among the worst-hit areas due to massive flooding because of Typhoon Ulysses.

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