Sheena Halili Reveals She Enters ‘Happy Stage’ Of Her Pregnancy

Sheena Halili revealed that she entered the “Happy Stage” of her pregnancy.

Actress Sheena Halili had recently revealed in her latest YouTube vlog that she entered the “happy stage” of her pregnancy.

This, as she shared her experience during the second trimester of her pregnancy.

Sheena Halili Happy Stage
Photo: Sheena Halili / Instagram

In her vlog, Sheena revealed that she had entered the “happy stage” of her pregnancy.

According to her, some people said that the appetite of pregnant women will be returning to normal after three to four months, the sensitivity of their sense of smell would disappear, they would have more energy, more appetite, they would know how to beautify themselves, and they would have time for themselves as well.

Balik normal pero siyempre hindi tulad ng dating normal mo dahil meron kang baby sa tiyan“, Sheena explained.

For her, it was during the fourth month of her pregnancy when the “happy stage” came.

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According to her, it started as if she could eat rice again after four months. She admitted that she didn’t like the smell of freshly-cooked rice, but she can eat rice this time.

Sheena also shared that she already had energy, her sleep became better, she can hug her husband more, and she can get out of her room better.

She added that she didn’t lock herself in it anymore because she really don’t like the smell of their living room.

Hindi pwede magluto [before], but this time, nakakapagluto na rin po ako. Nakakakain na rin po ako ng may garlic. Nakakapag fried rice na rin ang asawa ko“, Sheena shared.

You can watch her vlog below:

After uploading her vlog on her YouTube channel, Sheena gave an update on her Instagram Stories wherein she shared her preparation for her baby’s arrival as she was about to enter the third trimester of her pregnancy.

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