Sheena Halili Admits Experiencing Bouts Of Anxiety Before Entering ‘Happy Stage’ Of Pregnancy

Sheena Halili admitted that she experienced having an anxiety before entering “Happy Stage” of her pregnancy.

Actress Sheena Halili admitted that she had experienced bouts of anxiety before entering the “Happy Stage” of her pregnancy.

This, as she shared in her recent vlog about her experience during the second trimester of her pregnancy.

Sheena Halili Anxiety
Photo: Sheena Halili / Instagram

In her vlog, Sheena said that she thought she’s really happy, but the second trimester was the stage wherein she would have an anxiety before she could enter the “happy stage” of her pregnancy.

According to her, it’s new to her and she had never experienced anything like this before.

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Sheena also explained in her vlog that she would suddenly wake up at night and felt that she couldn’t breathe.

Aside from having an anxiety, Sheena also admitted that she had an unexplained crying spells and had to be supervised even while taking a bath.

Sheena also said that Jeron Manzanero — Sheena’s husband — finally encouraged her to talk to her gynecologist about what she’s experiencing, which her gynecologist recommended her to seek assistance from a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist then confirmed that the actress was feeling anxiety due to a lot of factors — including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Common daw [ang anxiety] sa mga mommy, sa mga buntis, ngayong panahon ng pandemic. Kasi wala naman talaga tayo sa normal eh,” Sheena shares.

You can watch her vlog below:

Meanwhile, Sheena gave an update on her Instagram Stories after uploading her vlog on her YouTube channel wherein she shared her preparation for her baby’s arrival as she was about to enter the third trimester of her pregnancy.

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