Lady Customer w/ No PPE Harasses Cop During Apprehension

Lady Customer w/ No PPE Harasses Cop During Apprehension

The video footages of a lady customer who harassed a cop during apprehension for having no PPE elicit comments online.

A Facebook user named Mache Obas Marquez has shared the videos of a lady customer raging inside of a supermarket after she was apprehended. The videos circulate online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the videos, it can be seen that the arrogant woman is harassing and insulting the cop and some police officers who apprehended her for not wearing a face mask and face shield inside the establishment.

Lady Customer

The tourist police is trying to explain the rules and regulations in a respectful manner but the woman continue to insist. The woman and the cop continue to wrestle at the entrance of Savemore Supermarket.

After a few moments, the police mobile arrived and arrested the lady customer. However, the raging woman continues to shows her arrogance and had an exchange of heated arguments with the policeman.

Lady Customer

Watch the video for full details:

The online community criticized the woman for her arrogance and violating the quarantine protocols:

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