PLDT-Smart To Boost Investments In 5G Connectivity In 2021

PLDT-Smart were looking to boost its investments in 5G mobile connectivity in 2021.

PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications Inc. were looking to boost its investments in fifth generation (5G) connectivity in 2021.

This, as PLDT-Smart stated in a statement that the said investment may include the expansion of its fiber network, which was currently at 395,000 kilometers nationwide as of end-September 2020.

Boost Investments In 5G

PLDT-Smart also stated that the said fiber network supported the full suite of services from PLDT and Smart Communications such as fiber-to-the-home, LTE, and 5G.

To date, PLDT-Smart stated that its LTE services already covered 95% of the population.

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Manuel V. Pangilinan, PLDT chairman and CEO, said that they’re building out their 5G network as they completed the build-out of their 4G network so that their coverage would be as close as possible to 100%.

Pangilinan also said that 5G network would bring speed and capacity, not only to the users on the wireless platform, but also to Home users.

In about a year or two, the ability of delivering fixed wireless services to the home will increase significantly”, Pangilinan said.

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Alfredo Panlilio, Smart president and CEO and PLDT chief revenue officer, said that 5G network would further improve mobile data experience.

According to him, the major driver for business today was data as 72% of their revenues was on data. Panlilio added that it would make the experience much better from a video consumption point of view.

We believe that 5G will improve mobile internet capacity and experience, and we are also developing a lot of use cases. PLDT Enterprise will be driving some of those”, Panlilio said.

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