Jodi Sta Maria’s Post About Love Prior To Reports About Her, Raymart Santiago

Publicized Take of Jodi Sta Maria on Love Before Reports About Her & Raymart Santiago

JODI STA MARIA – Here is the social media post of the Kapamilya actress about love prior to reports about her and Raymart Santiago dating.

One of the recent celebrity updates that surprised a lot of people involved actress Jodi Sta. Maria and Raymart Santiago. Reportedly, the two celebrities are dating.

Both Raymart and Jodi already have children from their previous marriages. She is married to Pampi Lacson and they have a son, Thirdy.

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Raymart Santiago has two children with his actress ex-wife, Claudine Barretto. They are Sabina and Santino who are both living with the actress.

From time to time, Raymart would be spotted bonding with Sabina and Santino. After their separation, Claudine has adopted two more children – Quia and Noah.

Jodi Sta Maria remained silent following the reports about her and Raymart Santiago. A few days before it, she took to social media a post about love.

The actress stressed that “loving is a choice” and it is not all about the happy times. She also stressed that it requires maturity and sacrifice.

The Be Careful with My Heart star stated that choosing to love a person means understanding that they will commit mistakes. “There’ll be tough times,” the actress wrote.

Jodi Sta Maria also stated that loving a person is journeying with that person. It may need you to adjust and a lot of patience and understanding but it will be worth it. Here’s her Instagram post:

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