Claudine Barretto Thanks Ex-Husband Raymart Santiago

Claudine Barretto Expresses Gratitude to Ex-Husband Raymart Santiago

CLAUDINE BARRETTO – The actress took to the social media a post expressing her gratitude to her ex-husband, Raymart Santiago.

There are some celebrities who officially tied the knot in real-life but, later on, their relationship led to separation. Among them are actress Claudine Barretto and actor Raymart Santiago.

Claudine and Raymart officially tied the knot in 2006. The then couple have two (2) children – Sabina and Santino. The boy is the biological son of the then couple.

However, in 2013, a sad news for all the fans and supporters of Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago crossed the surface. It was confirmed that they have separated.

Sabina and Santino stayed with the actress. Meanwhile, there are also times that they are spotted spending some time with their father. After her separation with Raymart, Claudine adopted two (2) more children – Quia and Noah.

There were also instances when Claudine posted tirades against Raymart on social media. She accused the actor of not fully fulfilling his duties to their children.

Meanwhile, now, it seems that Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago are both okay. She even took to the social media her thanks to the actor for the “pasalubong” bought for her.

Raymart had some wonderful times with his children, Sabina and Santino, in Tokyo, Japan. They visited the Shrine and Temples of Nikko, the Ashikaga Flower Park, and the Tokyo DisneySea.

The actor and his children also went to Shibuya Crossing and Tsukiji Market. Here are some of the photos and videos posted by the actor on Instagram:

A lot of netizens are very happy that Raymart and his children were able to spend some quality time together. Also, many are over the post of Claudine thanking her ex-husband for the “pasalubong” and the gesture of the actor for his ex-wife.

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