Claudine Barretto Reveals Story Behind ‘Yellow Blanket’ Given to Rico Yan

Story Behind the Yellow Blanket that Claudine Barretto Gave to Late Ex-BF Rico Yan

CLAUDINE BARRETTO – The actress revealed the yellow blanket that she has given to her late ex-boyfriend and loveteam partner, Rico Yan.

The tandem of Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan is one of those loveteams that really marked the Philippine entertainment industry. It gathered countless fans and many are avid supporters of their loveteam until now.

Claudine and Rico’s relationship did not remain on-screen only. Later on, they became a real-life couple and it made their fans and supporters admire them even more.

However, Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan broke up. In 2002, countless hearts were broken when the actor died during a vacation in a resort in Palawan. He was with some friends then and the news shocked and saddened the public.

Although he is long gone, visibly, Rico Yan always has a special place in the heart of Claudine Barretto. She never fails to remember the important things and events involving her late ex-boyfriend.

Also, Claudine has built a wonderful relationship with Rico’s sister, Tina Marie Yan. She is one of the those who was there for the actress as she was going through tough times over the recent passing of her father ‘Miguel’.

Claudine suffered a lot after Rico’s death but she managed to go on with life. She married actor Raymart Santiago and they have two (2) children – Sabina and Santino. Their son is their biological child.

However, Claudine and Raymart’s marriage led to separation. After it, she adopted two (2) more children – a girl and a boy. The little girl was named “Quia” while her youngest is “Noah”.

Recently, on her Instagram account, Claudine Barretto posted a photo of her together with Noah sleeping on her chest. In her post, she revealed that the yellow blanket that is covering her youngest son is the one she gave Rico Yan when they were a couple.

In a comment, Claudine revealed that she bought the blanket at Gift Gate when she was 15 years old. It was her security blanket and she was using it when she and Mark Anthony Fernandez were still a couple.

Claudine and Mark broke up. According to the actress, when she and Rico became a couple, she gave it to her late ex-boyfriend. She also shared that Rico would bring it anywhere he would go to and any country he would visit.

Many were touched by the gesture of Claudine as she kept the blanket she gave to Rico when they were still a couple. Surely, it has a sentimental value. Here are some of the comments on her Instagram post:

@claubarretto: “ah kaya pala nasabi ni ry na ikaw ang security blanket nya”

@rhozepink: “You’re the loveliest people I’ve known godbless you more and your family miss pretty Claudine guapa my forever.”

@ricoyanclaudine: “That was Rico and Clau’s blanket”

@emymatias: “Good morning pretty Clau gamit ni Noah yung Comforter ni Rico yan so sweet naman ni Clau nakakmis kayo”

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