Softdrink Beauties: This Is What Happened To Coca Nicolas

What happened to one of the Softdrink Beauties, Coca Nicolas?

Coca Nicolas, one of the Softdrink Beauties during the 80s, is living this kind of life after she left the glitz and glamour of show business.

Born Johnnalee Hickins, the half-British former actress did several movies such as Batang Quiricada (1984), Naked Island (Butil-ulan) (1984, and Kalapating Musmos (1985). She was known as one of the daring actresses during that time who used screen names based on popular softdrink brands.

Softdrink Beauties Coca Nicolas
Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN

After several years of being from the limelight, where is Coca Nicolas now?

Based on the article from Esquire, the member of the Softdrink Beauties admitted the reason for the downfall of her career. Alcohol and drugs, along with poor financial management were factors why Coca’s star in showbiz dimmed.

She left the industry when she gave birth to her first baby. After that, she went to Japan and worked as a dancer and singer. However, that kind of life was a struggle for her.

Now, Coca is a devoted mother to her children and she sells ice and ice candy to earn a living. Fortunately, she was also able to establish a good relationship with her neighbors.

softdrink beauties coca nicolas
Photo courtesy of GMA

In an interview with GMA’s Tunay na Buhay, one of her neighbors attested that the former daring actress has helped a lot of people during the height of her popularity. Right now, her child is supporting her financially.

When asked about the greatest regret that she has in her life, Coca Nicolas said that she has not saved money for her future, based on the report. Unfortunately, her house in Pampanga where almost all her money from projects were spent, was washed out by lahar when Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.

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