Kyle Echarri Shares His First Love

Despite being busy by having a lot of acting projects, Kyle Echarri was able to reconnect with his “first love”, which was his love for music.

Kyle Echarri
Instagram photo from Kyle Echarri

Kyle Echarri revealed that the first song he wrote was about “someone”, and it was written in the English language. Without any clues of who was “someone” that Kyle was referring to, he didn’t reveal any details about his first song that he wrote.

Before he became a member of the Gold Squad, Kyle was part of The Voice Kids Season 2. He also released an album It’s Me Kyle in 2016.

He revealed that he was “writing music now” as he wanted to release an album of his originally-composed songs. He also said that he wanted to have a collaboration with Iñigo Pascual, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendez.

Kyle revealed that he dreamed of following Iñigo’s footsteps — to become an international artist. He added that he was proud of Iñigo’s achievements.

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