Nadine Lustre, James Reid Face Challenges Amid Different Management Team

James Reid admitted that having a different management team became one of their challenges that he and his girlfriend, Nadine, faced.

Instagram photo from Nadine Lustre

This, after James Reid left VIVA Artist Agency in 2019 due to some “sensitive” reasons. He was under the management of VIVA for more than seven years before he left the agency.

With this, JaDine fans will lose their chance to watch another project from James and Nadine. The last movie they worked together was Never Not Love You under Viva Films.

Aside from having a different management team, their relationship became worse when Dreamscape Entertainment announced that James will have an upcoming project along with Nancy Jewel McDonie (also known as Nancy of MOMOLAND).

During his product endorsement, James Reid admitted that it was “challenging” to work on the project together with his girlfriend. He also said that he and Nadine were “trying to work things out.”

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