Young Students Sit Outside Taco Bell to Use Wi-Fi for Online Class

Heartbreaking Photo of Young Students Relying on Taco Bell Internet Connection for Online Class Goes Viral

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Two young students have been spotted sitting outside a Taco Bell to use Wi-Fi to attend online class.

A Twitter user named Kevin de Leon has shared the heartbreaking photo of two schoolgirls sitting outside of a California Taco Bell fast food restaurant. The kids are using the restaurant’s internet to do online learning tasks.

Senator Kevin de Leon posts the photo of the two young girls whose faces covered with heart-shaped graphics on his Twitter account. The photo immediately spread like a wildfire online and earns reactions from other netizens.

Young Students

In the photo, it can be seen that the girls are sitting at a concrete walkway while holding their mobile gadgets. Two Taco Bell workers wearing face masks come outside and gaze at the young students.

The lawmaker revealed that around 40 percent of Latinos have no internet access. However, the lack of internet connection did not hinder these girls to pursue their study showing value to education.

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