This Twitter Hashtag Would Remind You To Wear A Mask

This Twitter hashtag would remind you to wear a mask.

WEAR A MASK — A certain hashtag recently made rounds on the internet as it became one of the trending topics on Twitter.

Wear A Mask
Photo Source: Twitter

Ever wondering what’s going on in Twitter?

A lot of people started to use social media platforms in order for them to spend their leisure time — and the number of users kept increasing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twitter became one of the most frequently used social media platforms that netizens used in order for them to keep themselves updated with the current news, entertainment, and trends.

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Recently, #WearAMask went viral because of Twitter’s new feature — a feature which described as a custom “like” animation that would remind you to wear your face mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How it works? Just open Twitter and post something that has #WearAMask in it. If you liked the post that has #WearAMask in it, an emoji would appear at an instant.

The said emoji was described as an emoji that has a face mask in it.

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