Talented Netizen Flaunts Low Budget Photoshoot at Home

Talented Netizen Shares Amazing Results of Low Budget Photoshoot at Home

A talented netizen has shared the photos of a low budget photoshoot taken at home, the online community praised his shots.

A Facebook user named Cijan Cimagala has shared the amazing shots on his “stay at home low budget photoshoot”. The photos spread like a wildfire online and earned praises and admiration from the netizens.

Cimagala revealed that he asked his siblings and cousins to become his models. The shots were just taken inside and outside of their humble home. He just used a mere mobile phone because he doesn’t have a DSLR camera.

Talented Netizen

Cijan used Oppo A3s to take the shots and used Picsart as well as Lightroom to edit or enhance the photos. The talented netizen used “Do It Yourself” (DIY) props to beautify the photos although it was just taken using a camera phone.

Talented Netizen


Photoshoot Gamit lang Ang mga Props na makikita lamang sa luob at labas ng aming bahay📱😊
Cellphone Lang Gamit ko Kasi di ako maka afford ng Camera na DSLR 
😊🙈😅, Cimagala wrote on his post.

Talented Netizen

The social media users lauded the artist for his skills and talent:

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