Iloilo Professor Shares Struggles of Her Students w/ Online Class

Iloilo Professor Shares Struggles of Her Students w/ Online Class

An Iloilo professor has expressed the struggles of her students participating in online class amid the health crisis.

A Facebook user named Villa Hazel Palmares, a College of Education professor at West Visayas State University (WVSU) in Iloilo City and her students have shared the struggles of online learning in remote areas.

Palmares discovered the inconvenience and hardships experienced by her students attending the first day of their remote class. The educator revealed that her students are not using “Zoon” or “Google Meet” because they could not afford to purchase load for their gadgets.

Iloilo Professor

However, the students are still grateful after the university provides gadgets with the learning modules in all subjects on it.

The lady teacher also shared a heartbreaking story of her student who told her that he might disappear from the chat because he had one bar left and need to go home to recharge. The students need to walk at least one kilometer away from their home to find a good signal to attend their online classes.

The female professor told the story to her former student who eventually helped them to raise funds to buy power banks for the students in the remote areas.

Iloilo Professor

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