#WalangPasok: DepEd Suspends Distance-Learning Activities in Typhoon-Affected Areas

Distance-Learning Activities

DepEd Suspends Distance-Learning Activities For Almost 1 Week in Areas Affected by Typhoon Ulysses WALANG PASOK – The Department of Education has suspended the distance-learning activities in typhoon-affected areas. On Monday (November 16, 2020), the Education Department released a memorandum dated November 15, 2020 announced the cancelation of online learning activities for almost a week … Read more

DepEd Admits There Are Errors w/ Modules Given to Students


DepEd Admits Errors w/ Modules Given to Millions of Students DepEd – The Department of Education admitted that there are errors with the modules given to millions of Filipino students. Over the past few days, a lot of Filipino students and parents have posted the errors found in modules distributed to millions of students. The … Read more

Some Parents Doubt the Efficiency of Distance Learning to Students


Parents Doubt the Efficiency of Distance Learning Amid Pandemic ONLINE LEARNING SYSTEM – Some parents are doubting the efficiency of the distance learning to the students. The Philippine government has already approved the online learning system in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Department of Education is set to impose the online learning starting … Read more