Chynna Ortaleza Fires Back at Netizen who Called her ‘[email protected]@ng Babae’

Chynna Ortaleza slams basher who called her “[email protected]@ng babae”

Kapuso actress Chynna Ortaleza fired back at a netizen who called her “[email protected]@ng babae” in an Instagram post.

Recently, the 37-year-old actress took to the image-sharing platform wherein she posted photos of herself with the caption: “A most honest selfie of what a work from home woman, full time Mama, wife & cleaner looks like by 4PM!”

It was then flooded with comments from the netizens but a certain (josemariaraphaelavila) caught the attention of Chynna Ortaleza who told her: “Gagang babae.”

Chynna Ortalez did not mum on the netizen’s rude comment which prompted her to reply: “Sige define mo nga yan (laughing emoji).

The netizen noted: “arrogant,conceitful in other words mayabang,nakita dati yung wala pang pandemic pala sigaw at mayabang ka.”

The basher even claimed that he/she did not know that Chynna, the wife of singer Kean Cipriano, is a celebrity.

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The netizen went on saying: “& i accidentally bumped into you,nimumura mo ako ng fuck you,piece of shit,trash,etc. Kahit gaga ka madami kang issues na babae at first kasi idk what’s going on pero kung makita kita ulit bugbog sirado harap mo sa akin,putang ina mo literally bayaran yata ina mo kaya naging self-entitled na artista ka.”

But Chynna Ortaleza denied the accusations of the basher and stressed that she did not say such things.

After their interaction which was retrieved by the entertainment site, Fashion Pulis, the basher did not reply to her thread any longer.

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