Morissette Amon Receives Comment From Demi Lovato’s Songwriter

Songwriter of Demi Lovato commented on the video of Morissette Amon

Asia’s Phoenix Morissette Amon received a comment from the songwriter of American pop singer Demi Lovato.

Morissette had a humble beginning in the Philippine music industry. Just like many well-known singers in the country, she also started from singing contests.

morissette amon demi lovato
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As a young kid, she had been joining amateur singing contests in Cebu until she became a finalist in the Little Division of Little Big Star Cebu. Then, she joined in Talentadong Pinoy and Star Factor on TV5.

When she joined The Voice Philippines, more doors of opportunity opened for her. And as they say, the rest was history. Morissette Amon is now considered as one of the most in-demand concert artists in the Philippines.

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She also had the chance to perform in Asia Song Festival in 2017 that was held in South Korea. Indeed she came a long way from the time when she was just joining amateur singing contests in her home province.

Morissette has already popularized several songs such as Akin Ka Na Lang, Di Mapaliwanag, and Hinahanap Pa Rin. For several years, she is one of the biritera singers on ASAP.

Until now, she continue to awe her fans and music lovers here in the Philippines and abroad. A new name was added in the list of people who admires her vocal prowess and it is the songwriter of Demi Lovato.

An Instagram fan page of Morissette Amon shared her video singing Demi’s song Heart Attack from her fourth studio album that was released in 2013.

Nikki Williams, who co-wrote the song with Demi and Sean Douglas, wrote a comment on the video of Morissette. The songwriter said, “Amazing”.

morissette amon comment

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