Kind Lady Buys Drink for Little Boy Who Takes Care of her Dog

Little Boy Receives Free Drink From Kind Lady After Taking Care of Her Dog

A kind lady bought a drink for cute little boy who offered to take care of her dog while she entered an establishment wherein pets are not allowed.

The Facebook page Mazikeen the Chow has shared the photos of a cute little boy who asked a lady to watch the dog. The kind woman grant the kid’s request and even bought him a drink. The photos earns comments online.

The female netizen said that she stopped at a store to buy a drink but the establishment prohibits customers to bring their pets inside. Luckily, a boy outside the store offered to take care of the dog while she is buying a drink.

Kind Lady

The woman saw the young kid making silly faces to make her dog smile while she is having her transaction at the counter. She decided to buy an additional drink for the little boy who exert his effort to watch the dog.

The kind lady just brings the favor to the little kid. The boy was very happy and smiled after receiving the free drink.

Here is the full post:

“I need to buy a drink @ cbtl but dogs are not allowed so Mazey should wait for me outside. Luckily this little boy was there and asked me:

Little boy: Ate gusto niyo po bantayan ko siya?
Me: osige, mabait naman yan di yan nangangagat 
Little boy: okay lang po di naman ako nttakot eh

While I was at the counter, I saw them through the door that he was making silly faces to make Mazey smile haha! 💖They were too cute, right? 🥰 As a way of saying thank u, I gave him a drink and look how precious his smile is. It’s priceless 💖💖💖”

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