Inigo Pascual Fires Back at Basher’s “Abias cbn wont be back” Comment

Inigo Pascual answers basher

Singer-actor Inigo Pascual fired back at a basher who commented “Abias cbn wont be back” in his Instagram post.

On Sunday, July 12, the 22-year-old son of Piolo Pascual took to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein he shared photos of him taken at the Star Magic noise barrage held outside the ABS-CBN broadcasting complex.

First up is the photo on Instagram Stories where he was with some co-workers on ABS-CBN.

In his feed, Inigo shared his picture where the transmitter tower of ABS-CBN can be seen in the background with the caption: “#IbalikAngABSCBN.”

One netizen commented arrogantly on it saying, “No. Abias cbn wont be back.dami nyo violations .yan bagay sa inyo.”

This prompted Inigo Pascual to reply: “baka ikaw ang kulang sa research boy. Pnuorin ko lahat ng hearing ah… isa isa.” He added: “go ahead and list all the “facts.”

The basher replied: “@inigopascual go to the website of congress or use youtube its all there.” The basher added: “Do it yourself sure you have a lot of time.”

According to, Inigo Pascual ended the interaction without leaving any comment.

On May 5, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) shut down ABS-CBN‘s TV and radio broadcast operations due to the expired franchise of the Kapamilya network.

On July 10, Congress finally shut down ABS-CBN’s application for franchise renewal.

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2 thoughts on “Inigo Pascual Fires Back at Basher’s “Abias cbn wont be back” Comment”

  1. For those who are so happy for killing the franchise of ABS God bless you…it may be your way of punishing ABS but it wont be for long no permanent in this world….soon ABS will be back and all their bashers will know the truth behind all the accusations to ABS. So dont waste your time answering arrogant people with a very narrow mind they only listen to what they belive is right for them.keep the faith God knows everything and soon all this will end Good.


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