Claudine Barretto’s BFF Reveals Actress’ Real Attitude (Video)

Video of Claudine Barretto & Actress’ BFF’s Bali Trip

CLAUDINE BARRETTO – Janelle Jamer, the BFF of Claudine, revealed the real attitude of the actress through a video of their Bali trip.

One of the most popular celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry is actress Claudine Barretto. Although she is quite inactive in showbiz now as she focuses on her children, even the new generation knows her.

Claudine has four (4) children now – Sabina, Santino, Quia, and Noah Joaquin. Santino or Saint is her biological son with ex-husband Raymart Santiago.

It was in July 2013 when Claudine confirmed her separation with Raymart. Sabina and Saint are both living with the actress and she welcomed two (2) more kids in her home after their separation.

A lot of people admire Claudine while there are also those who have expressed criticisms against the actress before. More than anything, the people close to the actress surely know who she is.

Recently, the BFF of Claudine Barretto, Janelle Jamer, revealed the real attitude of the actress. She did it through a video featuring their trip to Bali, Indonesia.

According to Janelle, she and Claudine both needed that trip abroad to be able to relax and enjoy. So she thought of it as a gift to the actress and they really had fun together.

Claudine and Janelle could be seen dancing at the place where they stayed in Bali. They also acted like the actress is a household helper while her BFF is a president.

Claudine Barretto also posted a part of the video that her BFF made on her Instagram account. She also asked her fans and supporters to support the YouTube channel of her BFF.

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