Carlo Katigbak Releases Official Statement Amid ABS-CBN Franchise Issues

Carlo Katigbak official statement

ABS-CBN Corporation President and CEO Carlo Katigbak released an official statement amid the franchise issues of the country’s largest network, ABS-CBN.

Carlo Katigbak Releases Official Statement Amid ABS-CBN Franchise Issues
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On Saturday, Carlo Katigbak thanked the Kapamilyas who have been supporting their call for the renewal of its franchise.

Here’s the official statement of Carlo Katigbak courtesy of ABS-CBN News:

“I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged us, prayed for us, and given us hope over these past few weeks. Your messages have given us strength as we go through this difficult process. We are hopeful that the hearings will soon come to a close, and we would like to lean on you again for your support and prayers. We have always considered ABS-CBN first and foremost a public service. You are our reason for being. If you believe our service to be important and valuable to you, and if you believe that ABS-CBN is deserving to continue providing that service, please let your thoughts and feelings be heard. Thank you always to you, our dearest Kapamilya.”

ABS-CBN has been facing the congress and the senate in settling issues and violations allegedly committed by the network which include citizenship of network owner Gabby Lopez III, labor practices, alleged improper tax payments, use of Philippine Depositary Receipts (PDRs), and about digital operations of the network using AMCARA Broadcasting Network franchise even though it is illegal.

But in their hearings, the country’s largest network reiterated that they have not committed such violations.

It was on May 4 when the ABS-CBN franchise expired.

On May 5, the operation of the network’s TV and radio stations nationwide was suspended due to a cease and desist order by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

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12 thoughts on “Carlo Katigbak Releases Official Statement Amid ABS-CBN Franchise Issues”

  1. Ang dami niyo kaseng issues na di niyo tamang sinagot at kahit ako naguluhan sa mga sagot niyo tama lang na wag ng i renew ang prangkisa ng Abs cbn. manloloko

    • @ gilbert soriano
      Grabe naman po comment nyo. Kumbaga po sa isang suspected or alleged murderer, nasa investigation process pa lang po, pero po sa inyo, me final decision na po. Daig nyo pa po ang judge.

      Ang judge po kc, pagkatapos na-gather na po lahat ng evidences from several hearings that have been done, saka pa lang po nya titimbangin ang kanyang decision based on those evidences.

      Take note po, remember po na me court of appeal pa po, higher court or Supreme Court po bago po mahatulan ng totoo ang suspect.

      Meaning, the suspect is still innocent until proven guilty.

      Pero sa inyo po, killer na po un tao. Nakatatakot po ung ganyan attitude.

  2. Given all the issues on ABS CBN, things can be corrected. Why not give them a second chance?Actually, it is the Filipino people who will be given the chance. God bless us all!

  3. We dearly HOPE of coming back the NETWORK ABS-CBN widely operate for the FILIPINO people & not for few with vested interest…I PRAY, those in doubt that they may be enlightened to know the truth honestly , fair judgement!

  4. Panu nman makakasagot ng maayos nagsisimula pa lang magdalita si katigbak ninabara na agad si Markoleta…from the start halata mo na yun lang kanika angaccount gusto nilang ipaabot sa bayan…nakakatuwa yung statement nyang wag nyo naman bilisan…wo sa mundo mujahan nahuhuli na nga…sana wag perapera lang gamitin nyo ang pagingkod ng tama sa bayan…ang nangyayari sila taga gawa ng batas sila di ang di natupad…lugmok na ang pikipinas sasi utang …kaya utang na loob wag kayong mamersonal or padidikta…gamitin nyo concencya nyo….

  5. Wala Tayo magagawa Kapamilya Kung personal issue Ang ginagawa nila at kahit nakikitana nila Ang ToToO ayaw nila tingnan Kasi ayaw talaga nila e renew ang Franchise Ng ABS-CBN obvious na masyado masasabi ko Lang Kung ayaw madami dahilan Kung gusto madami paraan.

  6. “If you have a headache, remedy it with medicine/painkiller, but not cutting the head!” I hope the congressmen know that its not about vias as they said it is, etc. ABS-CBN is already an institution, and congressmen would like to cut it/ close it. Would you think its fair! Think about the thousands of employees who at this pandemic will have a hard time getting their jobs as many businesses are closing down! I would like to think that there are still those gentlemen in the Congress who are more with good characters, wise and stateman enough to know that this is not the way. Please give the ABS-CBN a chance to prove its worth. By this, you will be written in history, that you save the more thousand mouths, families and children and their future! And the million viewers like me at the twilight of my life who viewed their news, programs and etc. since then and now. Thank you Noble Congressmen and God bless you all!

  7. Document cannot be deny its was they said but its just an inquiry hearing in congress once the no vote take place thats time abs chairman and its official will face the court

  8. Maraming problema ang abs cbn bukod sa hindi masagot ang mga katanungan ni
    marcoleta saka papaano na acquire? Pagmamay ari ng gobyerno Yan noon…dahil ba Kay Cory? Pati subscription ng abs cbn Filipino channel ay hindi legal, di ba pagnanakaw yon?


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