Lady Bursts Into Tears After Chef Recreates Late Mom’s Meal From 5-Year-Old Leftovers

Lady Cries After Chef Recreates Late Mom’s Meal and It Tastes Like Her Mother’s Cooking

An emotional lady bursts into tears after a chef recreated her late mom’s meal from 5-year-old frozen leftovers.

Nowadays, most people all around the world believe that the taste of their mother’s cooking is the best. It might not be special for others but even simple meals could bring back both happy and sad memories.

A Japanese woman named Takaya Reiki kept the last meal made by her late mother for five years. She stored the pork porridge for several years inside the refrigerator knowing that she will never taster mom’s meal again.


Reiki and her mom agreed on pork porridge before her beloved mother died. Unfortunately, the lady found her mother’s lifeless body lying on the floor. She rushed her mom to the hospital but it was all too late.

The 25-year-old lady watched the Japanese television show “Detective!” that could recreate a meal or found out the meal’s recipe. A biology professor checked the food and found signs of microbial adhesion but it is still safe for consumption if cooked properly.


However, a chef was able to found out the ingredients and recooked the meal over 100 degrees Celsius. Reiki and her father tasted the meal and broke down after they have tasted the meal.


It’s delicious, it really does taste like how mum used to cook it,” Reiki said.


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