US President Trump Tests For COVID-19 After White House Staff Got Infected

Result of US President Trump’s COVID-19 Test After White House Staff Found Positive for Disease

US PRESIDENT TRUMP – United States President Donald Trump tested for COVID-19 after a staff in the White House was found infected with the disease.

United States is one of the countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus or COVID-19. In fact, it is the nation with the highest count of confirmed cases of the disease.

President Donald Trump has announced a national emergency to fight against the spread of the disease. According to him, it is the “worst attack” against the country.

The US President even compared the coronavirus outbreak as worse than the Pearl Harbor incident. He also tagged as worse than the 9/11 which cost 3,000 lives.

US President Donald Trump
Photo: NBC News

Based on a global tally of Worldometer, as of this writing, the country has confirmed 1,287,667 cases of coronavirus. Out of the total number, 214,984 patients have survived while 76,723 died due to the disease.

U.S. is taking the biggest pie in the total coronavirus cases around the world. The global tally is now at 3,904,090.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, recently, a staff working in the White House was found infected with COVID-19. Due to this, US President Trump tested for the disease.

The said staff is a member of the US military. According to the report, White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley spoke on the matter and revealed the condition of the US President.

According to Gidley, US President Trump tested negative for COVID-19. He also assured that the Chief Executive is in “great health”.

It was previously announced that anyone who is expected to be near the US President and Vice President would have to go through a rapid testing. It is for the protection of the two (2) top officials of the country as they play the biggest roles amid the pandemic.

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