Open Letter to Sinas and Duterte About Complying with Quarantine Rules

A heart-melting open letter of filmmaker Mike Alcazaren to General Debold Sinas and President Duterte.

Mike Alcazaren, an independent filmmaker went on a social networking site wherein he posted an open letter to Metro Manila Police Major General Debold Sinas and President Rodrigo Duterte with regards to complying with quarantine rules.

The letter which has generated numerous reactions on Facebook was a form of protest by the Carlos Palanca awardee against the ongoing support of Duterte to Sinas amidst the latter’s controversy.

Sinas gained the ire of the netizens after several photos of him surfaced online which apparently taken during his 55th birthday celebration- with some claimed to have defied the quarantine rules.

Here’s the open letter published by Mike Alcazaren on his Facebook page:

Photo Credit: Mike Alcazaren’s FB

“Dear Mr. President & Gen. Sinas,
This is a picture of how we cremated our father more than 40 days ago. Those flowers weren’t even ours. A total of 4 hours for the non-ceremony, mostly spent signing papers and just waiting to bring home our dad’s ashes. My younger brother and I were the only ones allowed to witness the cremation because we followed the law. We were quarantined with him at home when he passed on so we were the only ones permitted to accompany him. Because we followed the law. Our 6 other siblings, their families and his apos were not even there to see him off because we followed the law. When we brought his ashes home, we had to disinfect the urn and left it outside our compound because we were still under quarantine. Those family members in the compound were able to pay respects but 4 other families have not seen his remains since he passed away because they live in other cities. BECAUSE. THEY. FOLLOWED. THE. LAW. We continue to follow quarantine rules because you signed this law Mr. President. General Sinas, you took an oath to enforce it without fear or favour. Unfortunately for the two of you, the words fear & favour, you regularly twist to your own advantage. So do not mock us with your lame jokes about spending your damn birthday alone Mr. President. To those in that meeting, do not mock us with your sycophantic laughter. There are people whose experience is much worse than ours and you people mock them with every snicker, bad joke, stupid guffaw and useless information you share. By the way, that’s not a regional thing Mr. President, the cursing and crude jokes. My father was a proud Cebuano who never acted like a “butangero”. He treated people with respect and dignity. Enough is enough. Husto na!”

OPEN LETTER OF Mike Alcazaren

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