BLACKPINK Lisa’s Luxury Outfit: How Much Does It Costs?

How much does BLACKPINK Lisa’s entire luxury outfit costs? Let’s find out!

Lisa, one of the members of the Korean girl group BLACKPINK, shared a photo on social media as she presented her outfit to the group’s fans.

This, as Lisa (known as Lalisa Manoban as her real name) posted a photo on her Instagram account, which was taken by her co-member Jisoo, showing her latest outfit as she wore her long-sleeved classic shirt in striped poplin and partnered with her angular clutch bag and a ladies watch.

Although netizens appreciated Lisa’s fashion, they started to wonder about the price of every item that she presented. The price tags of each item were more than the average person could purchase.

Photo: BLACKPINK Lisa (via Instagram)

Twitter user @namk_pj, on its tweet, found out that Lisa’s luxury outfit costs USD 44,380 in total (except for her footwear and jeans).

Luxury Items Present In Lisa’s Outfit

Here is the list of luxury items that were present in Lisa’s recent outfit. How much does it cost per item?

Celine Classic Shirt In Striped Poplin

Lisa’s least-expensive item was her white long-sleeved classic shirt in striped poplin from Celine, one of Lisa’s favorite French fashion brand. The price for this item started at USD 640.

Bottega Veneta Angular Clutch Bag

On her recent outfit, Lisa brough her clutch bag from Bottega Veneta, an Italian brand. This item costs USD 2,240.

Audemars Piguet Ladies Watch

The most expensive item for her outfit was a pink ladies watch from Audemars Piguet. The price for this luxury watch started at USD 41,500.

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