Razer To Give Face Masks In Singapore Via Face Mask Vending Machines

Razer will give face masks in Singapore through its face mask vending machines.

Razer said that the company will place 20 face mask vending machines in Singapore in order to give millions of face masks for free.

This, as Razer, a tech company that was known for producing gaming products, revealed its plans in order to help people in the Singapore combat COVID-19 or coronavirus disease 2019.

Min-Liang Tan, the chief executive of Razer, said that the company would continue its endeavors in supporting Singapore to be “self-sufficient for face masks as a nation”.

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Razer said that people would have to download Razer Pay, a digital wallet app from the company, and scan a QR code n order to avail free face masks from the vending machine. The tech company was already producing face masks and was planning to double its production.

Although this could be a good move from Razer, the company still facing criticisms on social media for requiring the use of Razer Pay in order to avail free face masks. Also, people were suggesting that Razer was trying to recruit more users for its Razer Pay app.

In response to the criticism, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said that it was the only way for the company to ensure that “there’s no free for all on the masks”, adding that the company was funding this completely themselves and ensuring the public that there was “no fraud”.

As per the report, Razer said that the company already shipped more than one million face masks across the world, adding that Razer was partnering with Sunningdale Tech in order to increase its production to 10 million face masks per month.

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