Netizens React Over ‘Bahala Na’ Remark of Duterte

How netizens reacted over “Bahala Na” remark of the President!

The citizens of the net or commonly known as the netizens are mixed reactions over the “Bahala Na” remark of President Rodrigo Duterte.

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On Monday night, May 25, 2020, the president himself issued a statement with regards to the reported resumption of classes.

“I will not allow the opening of classes na magdikit-dikit ‘yang mga bata,” Duterte said.

“Bahala nang hindi na makatapos, for this generation, wala nang matapos na doktor pati engineer. Wala nang aral, laro na lang. Unless I am sure that they are really safe, it’s useless to be talking about the opening of classes. Para sa akin, bakuna muna. Kapag nandiyan ‘yung bakuna, okay na,” he added.

But the statement of the president generated a fair share of opinions and comments from the netizens with some highlighting the pros and cons of resuming the classes.

Earlier, it was reported that classes in private and public schools will resume this coming August 24, 2020.

However, many reacted and opposing for the given time on the resumption of classes since it is not safe especially among students.

Meanwhile, the ‘Bahala Na’ term of the president did not only became a hot topic but also made rounds online particularly on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

Here are some of the positive and negative comments of the netizens regarding Duterte’s remark.

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  1. Lets think how we can help the society instead of saying or just commenting negatively, about what the President comment about the suspension of classes. He just a father of our country and wants to help us in his own ways.. God Is Good..


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