Google Launches Second Developer Preview Of Android 11

Google officially unveiled its second developer preview of Android 11.

Following the launch of its first developer preview, Google officially launched the second developer preview of Android 11.

This, as Android 11’s additional features include variable refresh rate, resume on reboot, app compatibility, and a lot more.


Android 11’s additional features may include:

  • 5G state API
  • Call screening service improvements
  • New ops and controls in Neural Networks API
  • Foreground service types for camera and microphone
  • Scoped storage updates
  • Synchronized IME transitions
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Resume on reboot
  • Camera support in Emulator

Meanwhile, Google revealed its schedule for Android 11 on Android’s website. It showed that the third developer preview will roll out on April 2020, following the release of Beta version of Android 11 on May 2020, and the final release of the official version of Android was scheduled on Q3 of 2020.

To know more about this, you can visit Android’s website by clicking this link.

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