Google Officially Launches First Developer Preview For Android 11

Google officially unveiled its first developer preview of Android 11.

Google officially launched the first developer preview of Android’s next version of its operating system, the Android 11.

This, as Android 11’s new features include improved 5G support, support for new screen types, re-designed messaging interface, and improved privacy features.


Android 11’s new features may include:

  • Improved 5G experience such as dynamic meteredness API and bandwidth estimator API
  • Improved privacy features such as one-time permission and scoped storage
  • Improved security features such as biometrics, platform hardening, secure storage, and sharing of data, and identity credentials
  • Improved connectivity features such as Call screening service improvements, Wi-Fi suggestion API enhancements, and Passpoint enhancements
  • Improved image and camera features such as HEIF animated drawables, native image decoder, muting during camera capture, and bokeh modes

You can view the full list of features of the Android 11 Developer preview at the Android Developers Blog. Google advised the public that they’re about to open Android Beta enrollments in the next several weeks.

Also, developers may download Android 11’s system image in order to test out its new features. Developers must read the instructions before testing out the developer preview of the new operating system.

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