Breaking News: Wife of Japanese Man w/ Coronavirus Also Tested Positive

Authorities Confirm Wife of Japanese Man Diagnosed w/ Coronavirus Also Tested Positive

WIFE OF JAPANESE MAN – Both of the Japanese couple now who visited Hawaii are positive for the new coronavirus.

The world now is on a tight watch against the new or the novel coronavirus that was initially recorded in China. It has infected more than 60,000 people in the mainland China and the outbreak has reached other countries.

Japan is one of those nations affected by the coronavirus outbreak in China. A cruise ship previously docked in the country and it contained numerous people who tested positive for coronavirus.

The samples of the passengers and crew of the cruise ship were taken and those who tested positive were brought to local hospitals in Japan. Some were repatriated by their home countries.

Wife of Japanese Man w/ Coronavirus

Recently, a Japanese man also tested positive for coronavirus. Prior to it, he and his partner has visited Hawaii. The man started to feel the symptoms when they were in Oahu. He got colds but he had no fever.

The couple was able to fly back to Japan. The Japanese man went for a check-up and tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Authorities were informed about it.

The people that the couple had a contact with were traced. It was not yet clear as to when the man contracted the disease. Recently, an update about the couple crossed the surface.

Based on a report on CNN, the wife of the Japanese man who was diagnosed with coronavirus also tested positive for the disease. They are both being treated in a hospital in Japan.

The Hawaii authorities tracked the travel of the couple. They stayed at Hilton Grand Vacation’s the Grand Waikikian when they were in Honolulu based on the report.

There’s a man that the couple had a contact with when they were in Oahu. He is now under a two-week home isolation according to Lieutenant Governor Josh Green when he was talking to CNN’s KHON.

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