Breaking News: Japanese Man Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Prior Trips Confirmed

Japanese Man Confirmed Positive for Novel Coronavirus

JAPANESE MAN – A Japanese national who had prior trips outside Japan tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Unfortunately, every day, there are several confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus that adds on to the record. The global fight against the disease that started in China continues.

In China, more than 60,000 people were infected and more than 1,200 individuals died due to the new strain of coronavirus. Wuhan City, the epicenter of the disease where it is first recorded, was put under a lock-down.

Several countries, following confirmed cases, also implemented travel ban that cover passengers from the mainland China. The Philippines and United States are among those that raised travel restrictions.

One of the countries that is greatly affected as well by the novel coronavirus is Japan. A cruise ship docked in Japan contained numerous people infected with the disease and they had to be admitted to local hospitals in the country.

Japanese Man Tests Positive for Coronavirus

With regards to Japanese nationals contracting the disease, a Japanese man recently tested positive for coronavirus. It was not yet clear with regards to how he obtained it.

Based on a report on GMA News, he has travelled to Hawaii before he experienced its symptoms. The authorities are looking on two (2) possible sides – he was already infected upon leaving Japan or he acquired it during his travel to Hawaii.

The man visited the island of Maui and Oahu in Hawaii from January 28 to February 7. When they were in Oahu, he started to feel ill with developing colds.

Based on the report, Dr. Bruce Adamson expressed that he had no fever when he was in Oahu. According to Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park, he was “unlikely to have been contagious while on Maui” as he showed no symptoms. Also, she noted that he has no fever while in Hawaii and the patient is most contagious when he or she is “feverish”.

Amid it, the authorities in Hawaii are already tracing the people the Japanese man who tested positive for coronavirus had a face-to-face contact with.

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