Photographer Goes Viral After Secretly Eating While Taking Photos

A certain video caught the attention of the netizens when a photographer caught eating puto while taking photos of a debutante.

This, as the said video already reached more than 8,000 shares and more than 265,000 views as of this writing. Also, the said post already has more than 6,000 reactions.

In a Facebook post from Isiah Joseph Remponi, he uploaded a video wherein a photographer was currently taking photos inside the hotel. While he was taking photos of the debutante, he secretly eating puto without getting noticed.

His move went successful, not until he saw someone who recorded a video.

Netizens expressed their reactions to Isiah Joseph Remponi’s post. Here are some of the comments:

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Photographer Goes Viral After Secretly Eating While Having Coverage | Screenshots from video uploaded by Isiah Joseph Remponi through his Facebook account

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  1. A funny things makes people happy in order to release certain stress in life.. and even to makes them to think and share this funny moment.. smilesssss


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