Drunk Customer Goes Viral After Throwing Plate Inside Restaurant

A certain video went viral when a drunk customer threw his used plate after eating inside the restaurant in Bacolod City.

Drunk Customer

This, after Bitz Airsoftt shared a video of a drunk customer in his Facebook account. Bitz claimed that a customer, wearing an orange shirt, was a teacher of the University of Negros Occidental in Bacolod City.

In his video, a customer, wearing an orange shirt, was peacefully eating at the restaurant. After he finished eating, he then threw his used plate outside the area.

The restaurant owner then gets the used plate and approached the customer. When a customer saw the uploader of the video who was currently recording the incident, he approached Bitz and told him not to upload the video.

The restaurant owner called the cops to report the said incident.

A customer with an orange shirt denied that he was drunk at that time. He also denied the claim that he threw his plate after eating inside the restaurant without knowing that someone recorded a video.


The said video already reached more than 15,000 views and more than 400 shares as of this writing.

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