Xian Gaza Exposes Alleged PISTON 6 Fund Raising Scam

Xian Gaza PISTON 6

Free PISTON 6 Fund Drive Expose by Xian Gaza Self-proclaimed scammer Xian Gaza exposed on social media an alleged fundraising scam organized by PISTON to free the 6 previously convicted jeepney drivers. Last June 2, 2020, six (6) jeepney drivers of PISTON were arrested for protesting amid community quarantine due to violation of social/physical distancing … Read more

Xian Gaza Spotted Doing This In Thailand

Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza spotted doing this while he was walking in the streets in Thailand. Xian Gaza did something that caught the attention of the netizens when he did this while walking in the streets in Thailand. This, as Xian Gaza posted a video on his Facebook account, with caption “yung mayabang ka tapos bigla kang … Read more

Xian Gaza Slams Netizen Over This Photo

Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza responds to a netizen over this viral photo. Xian Gaza on Monday night responded to a certain post where a netizen shared a viral photo of a certain shoe brand inside the mall on social media. This, after Xian Gaza saw a post on Facebook where a netizen posted a photo of Dior … Read more

Guy Hilariously Recreates Miniature ‘Bouquet Of Mustang’


A certain photo caught the attention of the netizens when a guy posted photos of his miniature “Bouquet of Mustang” that was inspired by Xian Gaza. This, after Mark Aurelio Beloy recreated Xian Gaza’s “bouquet of Mustang” in his most hilarious way. In his Facebook post, a guy offered his miniature “Bouquet of Mustang” to … Read more

Xian Gaza Makes ‘Contingency Plan B’

Xian S Gaza

Xian Gaza on Tuesday posted an announcement on his social media account, telling the public that he made a  “Contingency Plan B”. This, as Gaza was looking for someone in case his celebrity crush, Nadine Lustre, wouldn’t accept his Mustang. In his announcement posted on his Facebook account, he said that he was looking for … Read more

Xian Gaza Feels Disappointed Over This Photo

Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza felt disappointed as he saw his photo in a news article where he offered a “bouquet of mustang” as Valentine’s gift for Nadine Lustre. This, as Xian Gaza shared a post from Philippine Star, headlined as “Nadine Lustre offered a Mustang as Valentine’s gift from Xian Gaza.” Following Philippine Star’s post, Gaza then … Read more