Taxi Driver in Tondo Now a Successful Businessman in Brunei

taxi driver turned businessman

Meet Neovadi Ariola, a taxi driver in the Philippines turned businessman in Brunei NEOVADI ARIOLA – An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who used to work as a taxi driver in the Philippines, has now become a successful businessman in Brunei. Neovadi, originally from Tondo, spent eight years working as a taxi driver in Manila. However, … Read more

Taxi Driver Pretends He was Robbed; Spends Income on Gambling

taxi driver fake robbery

Taxi driver arrested due to fake robbery FAKE ROBBERY – A taxi driver was arrested after it was discovered that he was lying about being victimized by holduppers in Brgy. Carmen, Saturday morning. He told cops that there were two men with knives who boarded his taxi and allegedly declared robbery taking his P3,700 income. … Read more

2 Holdup Suspects Arrested After Taxi Driver Brings Them to Patrolling Cops

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Victim Brings 2 Holdup Suspects to Patrolling Cops Two holdup suspects have been arrested after the taxi driver victim brought them to patrolling police officers. A CCTV camera in Tondo, Manila caught the taxi slowly driving along the road where patrolling police officers have been spotted.  The taxi driver quickly opened the vehicle’s … Read more

MMDA Traffic Czar Apprehends Taxi Driver For Illegal Parking Violation & Being ‘Dugyot’

MMDA Traffic Czar

MMDA Traffic Czar Nabs Taxi Driver For Being ‘Dugyot’, Driver Says ” di naman nakikita“ The MMDA Traffic Czar Edison Bong Nebrija apprehended and nabbed a taxi driver for illegal parking violation and for being ‘dugyot’. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Edison Bong Nebrija has posted photo of a taxi vehicle with ‘dugyot’ driver who … Read more