Former Taxi Driver Plays Theme Song of Voltes V: Legacy Using an Improvised Drum Set

Using an improvised drum set, a former taxi driver played the theme song of Voltes V: Legacy

VOLTES V: LEGACY – A former taxi driver captured the attention of netizens after playing the theme song of the television fantasy series using an improvised drum set.

An improvised drum set refers to a collection of unconventional objects or materials used to create a makeshift drum set. Instead of traditional drums and cymbals, everyday items such as biscuit cans, buckets with holes, pot lids, and other household objects are repurposed to produce drum-like sounds.

These improvised drum sets are often used by musicians who may not have access to standard drum kits or who want to explore unique sounds and textures. They offer a creative and resourceful approach to percussion, allowing musicians to experiment with different tones and rhythms using readily available objects.

Voltes V: Legacy

Speaking of which, a former taxi driver from Cebu captured the attention of netizens after playing the theme song of Voltes V: Legacy using an improvised drum set. The drummer’s drum set consists of various makeshift items such as biscuit cans, a holey bucket, a pot lid, and others.

Donie Amanense used to work as a taxi driver, and since he was unemployed after his license expired, he returned to music. After his video went viral, someone reportedly messaged him, offering to give him a brand-new drum set.

Meanwhile, Voltes V: Legacy is a Filipino television series that premiered on May 8, 2023, on GMA Network. It is a live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese anime series Voltes V, produced by Toei Company and Sunrise. Directed by Mark A. Reyes V, the series features a cast that includes Miguel Tanfelix, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, Raphael Landicho, and Ysabel Ortega.

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