Honor Student Eating Rice & Spring Onion During Recess Time Touches Many Hearts

Honor Student

Netizens Expressed Sympathy for Honor Student Eating Rice and Spring Onion at School DAVAO ORIENTAL – An honor student eating rice and spring onion only for lunch touched the hearts of the online community. Education is a powerful tool that can open doors to opportunities and a brighter future. However, for many students facing financial … Read more

Teacher-Vlogger Gives Sacks of Rice to Parents During PTA Meeting


Teacher-Vlogger Shares Reactions of Parents After Receiving Sacks of Rice During PTA Meeting A teacher-vlogger have gained viral attention on social media due to his innovative approach to celebrating the PTA meeting. While Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) meetings are well-known for their importance in establishing bonds between parents and educators, they also provide teachers with an … Read more

Disappointed Resident Slams LGU for Allegedly Giving Expired Relief Goods

Disappointed Resident

Disappointed Resident Exposed Alleged Expired Relief Goods Given by LGU A disappointed resident lambasted the Local Government Unit for allegedly giving expired relief goods to the public. Over the past few months, a lot of people in various areas in the Philippines are experiencing poverty and hunger due to the coronavirus pandemic. The health crisis … Read more