Young Boys Bring Wok Filled w/ Rice Inside Popular Fast-Food Chain

Young Boys Went Viral For Bringing Wok Filled w/ Rice Inside Fast-Food Restaurant

A group of young boys went viral after bringing a wok filled with rice inside of a popular fast-food chain.

A Facebook user named Tantan Castillo Nagaño has shared photos of young male teenagers who brought a wok filled with rice while eating at a fast-food chain. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the group carries a huge container filled with rice as they entered a branch of Jollibee in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija. The boys placed the rice container at the table before making an order.

Young Boys

Luckily, the store’s security guard and the management allowed them. The youngsters start to order fried chicken meals and enjoyed their time eating their favorite food.

According to Tantan, he and his friends decided to bring rice because they were too hungry but they have a limited budget. The group has also expressed their gratitude to the fast-food chain for granting their request.

The kids brought rice because of the expensive price of rice at the fast-food chain. It was not the first time the group did it, the kids have already done the same thing in other fast-food chains.

Young Boys
Young Boys

Here is the full post:

“Isang talyasing kanin ang ipinasok ng grupo ng mga kabataan sa Jollibee branch sa

San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija.

Hindi naman sila hinarang ng guard dahil hindi ito ang unang beses nila na nagbitbit ng kanin nang kumain sa nasabing fastfood restaurant.

Sinabi ni Tantan Nagaño, kulang ang pera nila pambili ng extra rice kaya nagdala/nagbaon na sila ng kanin para mabusog nang husto.

Bago ito, nag-food trip din ang grupo sa nasabing branch bitbit naman ang dalawang kalderong kanin.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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