Ninong Gives Christmas Gift to his Godchildren with “Sibuyas”

sibuyas Christas gift

Aside from cash, godchildren received “sibuyas” as Christmas gift from ninong EXPENSIVE GIFT? – A godfather or ninong gave his godchildren or inaanak cash gift on Christmas with “sibuyas” or onion. The Philippines celebrates the world’s longest Christmas season. With Christmas music played as early as August, the holiday season gradually begins by September, reaches … Read more

Onion Price Increase Memes (Compilation of Photos)

onion price increase

Here’s a compilation of memes about continuing onion price increase ONION MEMES – Netizens have come up with funny and witty memes about the massive increase in the price of onions. In the past few months, the rising prices of basic commodities, petroleum products, grocery products, and other necessary stuff add to the burden of … Read more