Ninong Gives Christmas Gift to his Godchildren with “Sibuyas”

Aside from cash, godchildren received “sibuyas” as Christmas gift from ninong

EXPENSIVE GIFT? – A godfather or ninong gave his godchildren or inaanak cash gift on Christmas with “sibuyas” or onion.

sibuyas Christas gift
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The Philippines celebrates the world’s longest Christmas season. With Christmas music played as early as August, the holiday season gradually begins by September, reaches its peak in December with Christmastide, and concludes within the week after New Year’s Day.

Christmas is also the time of giving. The godparents’ customary gift to their godchildren is called Aguinaldo. Kids approach their godparents to beg for gifts, which are frequently cash, toys, or clothing. In order to promote luck and prosperity, cash is typically given in Chinese envelopes called “ang pao.”

Speaking of, a godfather caught the attention of netizens with his Christmas gift for his godchildren or “inaanak.” This was after Juno Buena did not only give cash to his godchildren but also “sibuyas” or onion. It was accompanied with a “ginisa mix.”

Meanwhile, in the past few months, the rising prices of basic commodities, petroleum products, grocery products, and other necessary stuff add to the burden of Filipino people. The inflation rate has something to do with the surge in the price of goods.

Among the goods that massively increased in terms of pricing are red onions. As a matter of fact, the retail price of red onion in Metro Manila or the National Capital Region goes around 280 to 300 pesos per kilo. Apparently, the Department of Agriculture (DA) couldn’t jump to conclusion that there is a supply shortage.

The agriculture department, headed by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said that they will coordinate with the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) to determine what is the probable reason behind the increase from 180 pesos a year ago to 300.

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