Accountant Reminds Kakampinks Bam Aquino Proposed Bill in 2016 Similar to ‘Sovereign Wealth Fund’

Bam Aquino

Did you know Bam Aquino filed a bill in 2016 similar to Maharlika Wealth Fund? BAM AQUINO – The opposition member and former senator proposed a bill in 2016 similar to the controversial “Maharlika Sovereign Wealth Fund” according to a US-based accountant. The government has been receiving a heavy beating following the proposed “Maharlika Sovereign … Read more

JV Ejercito Responds to Netizen Claiming he Impregnated his Chief of Staff

JV Ejercito

Here’s the response of Sen. JV Ejercito to a netizen claiming he impregnated his chief of staff JV EJERCITO – The senator responded to a netizen claiming that he impregnated his chief-of-staff. A rumor has been spreading on social media in the past few weeks. Allegedly, a senator impregnated his chief of staff. The rumor … Read more

JV Ejercito Tests Positive for COVID-19

JV Ejercito

Former senator JV Ejercito contracts COVID-19 JV EJERCITO – The former senator tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic remains to be the biggest challenge that the country is facing today. This disease that started way back in 2019 at Wuhan, China has placed a lot of lives at risk and … Read more

JV Ejercito Says No Decision Yet If Only One Estrada Will Run For Senate

JV Ejercito

No decision yet if only one Estrada will run for Senate in the 2022 elections, according to JV Ejercito. Former senator JV Ejercito said that there’s no decision yet if only one Estrada will run for Senate in the 2022 national elections. It hasn’t been decided yet if only one of former President Joseph Estrada’s … Read more

JV Ejercito Agrees with Jinggoy: “There should only be one Estrada”

JV Ejercito and Jinggoy Estrada

“I agree with him. There should only be one Estrada,” says JV Ejercito Former senator JV Ejercito agreed with his brother Jinggoy Estrada that “there should only be one Estrada” in the 2022 elections. JV agreed with the former senator Jinggoy that there should only be one Estrada running for a senatorial seat in next … Read more