Mother Sells 8-Month-Old Son to Buy iPhone


In order to buy an iPhone, a mother sold her 8-month-old son INDIA – A mother of two sold her 8-month-old son to buy an iPhone to make reels. The woman’s neighbors became suspicious when they saw her proudly displaying a new iPhone and creating reels on social media, despite her 8-month-old son being missing … Read more

Woman Wins Local Election in India Despite Passing Away


Dead woman wins local election in India INDIA – In a surprising turn of events, a woman in Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the winner of a local election almost two weeks after her alleged passing. According to a report by Agence France-Presse, Ashiya Bi, a first-time candidate aged 30, was declared victorious despite her … Read more

Bluetooth in Flip-Flops: 10 Arrested for Cheating in India

cheating in India

Tech-savvy cheating in India CHEATING – At least ten (10) people were arrested in India for their alleged plan to cheat during exams using Bluetooth devices concealed in their flip-flops On Sunday, the authorities were allowed to cut off internet access while examination in Rajasthan among 1.6 million students is taking place. Cheating is a … Read more

India OKs World’s First COVID-19 DNA Vaccine For Emergency Use


India approved the world’s first COVID-19 DNA vaccine for emergency use A drug regulator in India had granted an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the world’s first COVID-19 DNA vaccine in adults and children aged 12 years old and above. The said approval gave a boost to India’s COVID-19 vaccination program, which aimed to vaccinate … Read more

Lion in India Dies from COVID-19


A 9-year-old lion has died of coronavirus disease at a zoo in Chennai, India. According to the Port Lincoln Times report, a female lion named “Neela” passed away. “A nine-year-old lioness Neela succumbed to the disease on the evening of 3rd June,” said Arignar Anna Zoological Park. There have been various cases of coronavirus in … Read more

India Asks Social Media Companies To Remove Reference To “Indian Variant” Of COVID-19

COVID-19 test

India asked social media companies to remove the reference to the “Indian variant” of COVID-19. On Friday, India asked social media companies to remove the reference to the “Indian variant” of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). According to a letter issued on Friday which was seen by Reuters, India’s information technology (IT) ministry had written to … Read more

YouTube Silently Launches New Number System Format

New Number System Format

YouTube silently launched its new number system format in selected countries worldwide. YouTube silently launched its new number system format in counting views, subscribers, likes, and a lot more — and already applied in selected countries worldwide. However, users were not satisfied with this change, saying that they preferred to use the previous format. Though … Read more

India Shows Harsh Way of Implementing COVID-19 Prevention Measures


Video Clip of India Authorities Showing Harsh Way of Implementing COVID-19 Prevention Measures Elicits Comments Online The video footage of India police authorities showing a harsh way of implementing precautionary measures against coronavirus. A lot of countries all around the world are already enforcing stricter rules and regulations as a precaution against COVID-19. The authorities … Read more

Samsung Galaxy M21 Launches In India

Samsung Galaxy M21

Samsung Galaxy M21 has arrived! Let’s look at its specifications! Samsung officially launched its latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M21, in India. Check out its specs, price, and availability below. Here are the technical specifications of this smartphone. Have a look! Color Midnight Blue, Raven Black Operating System One UI 2.0 (based on Android 10) … Read more