Facebook Officially Rolls Out Dark Mode On Android Devices

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook officially rolled out “Dark Mode” on Android devices Facebook had recently rolled out “Dark Mode” feature on Android devices months after announcing the rollout date of its upcoming features. Facebook was one of the most widely-used social media platform by netizens across the globe and it’s prominent worldwide as huge part of the populace … Read more

Facebook Officially Launches ‘Facts about COVID-19’ Section


Facebook officially launched its “Facts about COVID-19” section Facebook officially launched its COVID-19 Information Center called “Facts about COVID-19” as the company had been increasing its clampdown on misinformation about COVID-19. With this, the company would debunk common myths and other claims about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Although the company previously rolled out its information … Read more

Facebook Adds Dark Mode Support For iOS 14 — Report

Facebook Dark Mode on iOS

Facebook’s Dark Mode Support now available on iOS 14, according to a report. Facebook confirmed that the company began adding its Dark Mode support for iOS 14 through its latest mobile app update, according to a report. This, as Matt Navarra posted screen-captured photos on his Twitter account showing Facebook’s Dark Mode feature on an … Read more

Facebook To Launch Dark Mode, Other Updates For Android Devices

Facebook To Launch

Facebook will launch new updates for Android devices, including Dark Mode. Facebook was about to launch new features to its app for Android devices, including dark mode, coronavirus tracker, and a lot more. This, as 9to5Google already obtained the upcoming updates of Facebook for Android devices. Dark Mode In a report on 9to5Google, Facebook would … Read more

Facebook, University of Maryland Conducts COVID-19 Survey Globally

Facebook COVID-19 Survey

Facebook invited its users to take part in a COVID-19 Survey conducted by the University of Maryland. Facebook invited its users across the globe to take part in a COVID-19 Survey for Public Health Research conducted by the University of Maryland. This, after Facebook previously partnered with Carnegie Mellon University in conducting its COVID-19 survey … Read more

Facebook Officially Launches Scam Warnings For Messenger Users

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Officially Launched Scam Warnings And Safety Notices For Messenger Users Facebook officially launched its latest feature — the scam warnings and safety notices — for its Messenger users. This, as Facebook said that its Messenger platform will be monitoring behind the scenes for scammers using its smartphone communication system. With this system, Jay Sullivan, … Read more

Facebook Launches Facebook Shops As An E-commerce Platform – CEO

Facebook Shops

Facebook Launched Facebook Shops As An E-commerce Platform, According To Facebook’s CEO The chief executive of Facebook officially announced that the company launched Facebook Shops as the platform’s new online shopping experience. This, as Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, posted a lengthy announcement on his account, saying that the company was launching the … Read more

Messenger Rooms Now Available Globally

Messenger Rooms

Facebook’s Messenger Rooms Now Available Globally Facebook globally released Messenger Rooms in both smartphones (Android and iOS) and desktops (Windows or Mac) through the Messenger app. This, after Facebook previously launched its Messenger Rooms as one of the company’s updates in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Messenger Rooms was an alternative to Zoom and … Read more